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We should just get this part out of the way: We love Simon Pegg. It's a sick, sick love which manifests itself in gmail conversation threads that start out dignified and devolve into SIMONPEGGISMINEYOUCAN'THAVEHIMMEANDSIMON4EVA!!!!!111!!!1 We're just putting this basic component of our personalities out there so that you'll know what you're dealing with. Absolute fucking nutcases.

But I digress.

Welcome to spacedchallenge, an icon contest community for the UK comedy, Spaced. Some of you may be here by way of our other icon communities: whedonosity, cultfilm_icons and wonderchallenge. Yeah, we know. It's really an effort to avoid entering into social situations and forming attachments to actual people. Our therapy is going quite well, thank you for asking.

1) Caps from each episode of Spaced (both series, in order) will be posted every Sunday evening.
2) You may make only one icon for each challenge, unless we say differently.
3) All icons must follow lj guidelines: 100x100 max, 40KB max, etc.
4) This is an icon contest. Please don't post fanfiction, fansite plugs, etc.
5) Voting will open on Friday nights and close Sunday afternoons. Voting will be screened.
6) Please don't vote for your own icon. That's lame, yo. Y'all aren't lame.

Layout: Our awesome, kick-ass, oh-so-cool layout was designed by meivocis, who deserves mad, mad props.

Welcome to spacedchallenge! We're glad to have you, provided you don't try to claim Simon Pegg for your own.

Your lovely co-mods,

catmint and eirefaerie

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